Why would I become a Member ?

To improve your social interaction on a personal level

To be better informed on matters important to you

News about Pension incomes both Federally and Provincial
Health issues
How to treat daily ailments simply and effectively
What simple exercises I can do without spending a lot of money
Simple but effective to prevent the natural degeneration of the body.
Learn about Foods that help you and those to avoid

To participate in Forum discussions (to come at a later date)

To see what others have on their minds
To bring up interesting topics of my own for discussion
To meet interesting people that way
Express my views on Blogs inside the Forum

To earn additional Income based on what you enjoy doing

No matter what you have done in your life, everyone has several Skills which can be put to good use by someone every day.
House and Animal sitting for those going on Holidays or need to be away from Home for other reasons.
Gardening, House Cleaning, Baby Sitting, Learning assistance, Sewing and alterations – just to name a few.
For Businesses there is always a need for periodic assistance in simple tasks or also drawing on your professional “Skills” acquired over a lifetime – there is a value to everything !

No matter what YOU can do – it has value !

” But you need to take the first step ” !

Click here – Become a Member today !


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