FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the main purpose of ‘OPFH’ ? Back to top
    To highlight the availability of Seniors and their many ‘Skill’s to those who need occasional help in almost every category, if by Individuals or Businesses.
    To make it possible for Seniors to find occasional income opportunities, otherwise not available to Seniors. A place to meet likeminded Seniors to interact with, many Seniors just want someone to talk with.
  • Where can ‘OPFH’ be seen ? Back to top
    ‘World Wide’

  • Can it be read in other languages ? Back to top
    Yes, just use the Drop-Downs located in the Top of the Home page – “Translate” and select the language you are most familiar with. For now only certain Languages are offered, but will be supplemented as the demand is noted.

  • What is ‘ABOUT’ all ‘about’? Back to top
    ‘About’ is to give everyone an overview over the entire Website Content’.
    Subsequent ‘About’s’ are to give an overview of the ‘Content’ only on the particular ‘Subject’ you are looking at.
  • What doesOPFH mean? Back to top
    OPFH Services Corp. is the parent company, dba. OldProsForHire.com

  • What is ‘OP-Social’ ? Back to top
    A separate Membership class for those who do not look for additional income, but do wish to meet others with similar interest to their own.
  • Who & what is a ‘Mentor’EM’ ? Back to top
    Any experienced Male or Female, willing to share their experience and pass it on to someone looking for advice. This can be on a ‘Volunteer’ basis, or for a pre-determined benefit to the ‘EM’.Many Seniors have a wealth of Business Expertise and some will have been Entrepreneurs themselves. These individuals are likely the best source of support for young Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs usually have a difficult time to develop their ideas and bring them to market, in part for lack of experience and/or money. So Young People, in particular, can benefit from Seniors experience, perhaps even find one who wishes to actively participate and invest.

  • What is an Affiliate ? Back to top
    A Person or Business which works under Contract with ‘ OPFH‘ requires to be of legal age to contract, which may vary from one Province/State to another. Affiliation takes place when two or more ‘parties’ see a mutual benefit in a businesslike association, were both stand to gain something. OPFH offers opportunities for ‘Individuals and Businesses’ to earn money by performing certain tasks for OPFH. This does not create a Partnership, or an Employment relationship of any kind, but is based solely on a ‘Freelance Contractor’ relationship. The Affiliate is totally in charge of what and when they do what they contract to do. Certain pre-requisites must be adhered to, to comply with an established ‘Code Of Ethics’ and ‘Terms Of Agreement’ requires Contractors to be adhered to by ‘ OPFH’ .
  • What should I be reading on this Website ? Back to top
    The more you know, the better you will be able to make choices, know what to pay attention to. The Website offers Tips, Interaction with other Members, News of particular interest to Seniors.Remember, there always comes a time when you know you should have read the Instructions before trying to put something together, but you did not till you got stuck, and then only did you remember that the Instructions had a use after all. So here is your chance as a Senior to show, that you learned something from your past – keep smiling – we all do it!

  • Who can join ? Back to top
    To Join ‘OP-Social’, any Person being ’55’ years or older.To join ‘ServiceProviders’ or Mentor ‘EM’, any Person who will reach their 60 th. year in the current year.

  • Why should I join ? Back to top
    Most Senior would like to have a few more dollars for necessities in their lives and want to find some part-time work to supplement their present income. Easy access to the latest News on matters specifically of interest to Seniors. The ability to connect with individuals in OP-Social, having similar interests.
  • How do I join ? Back to top
    Click ‘JOIN’ in the Navigation Bar or click JOIN on any page where you see ‘JOIN’, in the Category you wish to become a Member.A new page will pop up which will allow you to create a Membership Profile. Answer all questions and make sure you use the right Job description in the Skills box or your ‘Interests’ when joining ‘OP-Social’,. All the details are there, so no worry about ‘doing it right’.
  • What does it cost ? Back to top
    $36.50 * per Anum for ‘ServicePprovider, OP-Social and Mentor’EM’ Memberships and Affiliates. FEE for visiting ‘Subscribers’ and ‘ JobProviders’ .
    PAID Subscribers are Professionals, Advertisers and RE-Posters of Real Estate.
    GST* is applicable in Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba at 5% on all Fees charged.
  • Can I save by subscribing to Multiple Categories ? Back to top
    You can save considerably when joining more than one Category at the same time, for details Click’ here
  • Why can I not access some pages just looking ? Back to top
    Because it requires that you sign up for Membership in the category you are interested in. Fees are at a Token amount and help to protect certain information reserved for Members only. 75% of this Website is open to every Visitor, and some can be accessed by simply ‘Subscribe‘ for free.
  • What is the difference if I join or just come and look at the Website ? Back to top
    Only Members will have access to the JobBoard / BBM (Basic Body Management). Only Members will be found when a ‘ JobProvider’ is searching for someone to hire. Only Members can contact other Members to Socialize.
  • How do I use the ‘Drop Down’ boxes ? Back to top
    The one on top gives you the ‘Category’ you want to be in. The one below will give you a more detailed definition and they are considered the ‘Skills’ for “ServiceProviders”, or ‘ Activities‘ in the case of ‘OP-Social’.
  • What is a Search Box ? Back to top
    A ‘Search-Box’ in combination with “Drop-Down Menus’ are the Key to finding what you are looking for. No matter if searching for a ‘ServiceProvider’ , someone to socialize with, or Professionals – etc. Drop-Down Boxes hold Menus of Categories and Skills, which you select from as per your need. Then ‘click’ Search and the results will show immediately
  • .What is a typical Job description ? Back to top
    Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, Gardener, Book Keeper, Companion, Baby Sitter, Care Giver, Painter, Mechanic, Mediator, Mentor, Accountant, and virtually anything you have experience in. See the drop-down menu in the Application Profile form, and choose the closest term(s) describing your Skill(s).
  • What does the ‘Job Alert’ do ? Back to top
    It indicates that new Jobs have been ‘Posted’ by someone, we call ‘JobProviders” inviting a ‘ServiceProviders’ to contact the ‘JobProvider’ to find out about a Job opportunity being offered.
  • What is a JobBoard ? Back to top
    The JobBoard displays Jobs which are offered to “ServiceProviders” by Employers who have not been able to find someone when ‘searching’ for anyone being available, using the Search Engine.
  • What is the function of the ‘Job Alert’ ? Back to top
    The ‘Home Page’ features a ‘ JobAlert’ that flashes when a new Job is Posted. That way “ServiceProviders can easily see when there is a new Job posted.
  • Who has access to the JobBoard ?
    Only registered ‘ServiceProviders’ !

  • Can I list all my Skills ? Back to top
    Yes definitely ! The more Skills you have listed in ‘ServiceProviders’ , the better your chances of finding work. Search Engines look for individual ‘ Skills’ and bring them up when asked for. Most of us have many Skills, so when you list all of them, your chances to get work, improve dramatically.
  • Can anyone else act for me ? Back to top
    Yes, any person designated by you. They must have your Membership ID and also be authorized to speak for you with an Employer. This will work best if you do not have a computer or the knowledge to operate one. A close Friend or Family Member could do this for you.
  • Who or what is a JobProvider ? Back to top
    Individuals or Companies who have odd jobs, mostly temporary work, which needs doing and can be done by anyone having the required ‘Skill set’ no matter if shoveling a hole, bookkeeping, painting or shopping for someone… etc
  • What is a JobOffer ? Back to top
    Companies or Individuals, who are offering work either on the ‘OPFH – JobBoard‘ or contact you directly, having found you by searching for ‘Skills’.
  • How does the JobBoard work ? Back to top
    Simple, as a “ServiceProvider” you just need to keep watching the scrolling Job Listings on the JobBoard till you see something matching your personal ‘Skill’ set.. Place the Cursor over the particular Job-Post, click once to read the full contact details. If what is offered is of interest to you, contact the Employer right away to secure the job.
  • What will be my working relationship with “JobProviders” ? Back to top
    Unless otherwise agreed to, you will be working as an Independent Contractor.
    This means, that under the Law you are not an Employee, but an independent Contractor.
  • What is the definition of an Independent Contractor ? Back to top
    A natural person, business, or corporation that provides goods or services to another entity under terms specified in a contract or within a verbal agreement. Please look for details here if you are not certain you understand the full meaning. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_contractor
  • What is a ‘Link’ ? Back to top
    A Link allows you to go in an instant from where you are reading at the moment, to another page or even another Website of interest. Anytime you click and it takes you somewhere, it is called a ‘Link’ because it literally links you directly to something else.
  • What is the difference between ‘POSTING’ and a ‘LISTING’ OF your Real Estate ? Back to top
    ‘Posting’ your Real Estate, describes the process of selling your own Real Estate, a process also known as “For Sale By Owner” – say – ‘Fisbo’. The owner is the person to deal with, no Agent or Agency is involved. The ‘Poster – Owner’ pays an Advertising fee to ‘OPFH’ to expose the property to potential Buyers ‘world wide’.
  •      ‘Listing’ a Property is the term used when dealing with a ‘Real Estate Agency’, usually     represented by a ‘Real Estate Agent’, who will ‘List’ a property at no ‘up-front’ cost to the Seller. For that and being actively involved, there is a substantial fee payable to the Real Estate Agency, when   sold with the assistance by the Realtor.


    •  What is : “Help When U need It” Back to top
      A list of ‘Professionals’, who’s services are often required by a ‘Seller’ or ‘Buyer’ of ‘Real Property’. In conjunction with OPFH – RE’, and only for the convenience of those requiring help, ‘ OPFH ‘ is providing a limited list of ‘Professionals’ for the convenience of our Patrons.
      Disclaimers apply.

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