Welcome to the OPFH  ” JobBoard “

To Post a Job on ‘OPFH’ complete this “JobBoard” Service Request Form”.


1.) ‘Individuals’ ‘Post’ their Jobs at NO charge on ‘OPFH’
2.) ‘Businesses’ will be charged a small ‘Posting Fee’ of *$9.99 + GST for a 30 day posting.
Businesses having frequent Job openings or short term work can take advantage of this service, and may choose the Annual ‘Unlimited Postings’  for $99.99 + *GST (* at this time applies only to – Alta. BC. Manitoba)

The information you enter here will be posted on the ‘JobBoard’ and an E-mail “Alert’ will be send to everyone having the Skill(s) needed. Your ‘Job Posting’ will expire on the date set by you, or can be cancelled by you when the Job has been filled.
Should you wish to post this Job again, or another, keep your “JobPost” E-mail confirmation, and simply click on ‘Edit’ in your ‘Account’ where you Sign in on the ‘HOME Page’, which will take you back to your original Posting, anytime you wish to make a change of any kind, including ‘Re-posting’- and ‘Cancelling’, as it saves you entering your personal details again. This feature is also available even after you have deleted your “JobPost”.
Expect to pay fairly at the going rate for the particular work you require to have performed. By posting your work requirements on ‘OPFH’ , you agree to pay the agreed to remuneration immediately upon completion of the work performed.

Example of fair payment: What a Business would pay out to an Employee – gross, not what a Business must charge to cover all ‘Overhead + Profit’. 

How it works

After Completing the “JobBoard” Service Request Form just click “Submit”. This will send a notice to each ‘SP’ in the ‘Skills Category’ you have entered. It will also be shown on the ‘JobBoard’ on the Home Page of ‘OPFH’ . Your Job-offer can be seen by every ‘ServiceProvider’.

It is now up to the recipients to contact you and discuss all details. There is at this point no obligation on either side to enter into an agreement. You may wish to use an “Agreement to Engage” of your own, or in the absence of your own, check out these Documents. Agreement

Select the Agreement-Template which describes closest what your situation will be, and fill in the details unique to your situation. The few minutes it will take to do this, will help avoiding any dispute later on.

Who can ‘Post’ on ‘OPFH’ ?

Anyone who needs occasional work done, of any description, found in the ‘Drop-Down’ Menus provided.
Limitations are; a Person must be of Legal Age in their jurisdiction.
Has the ability and Will, to pay the ‘ServiceProvider’ immediately upon completion of the Job ‘Posted’.

‘JobProviders’ selection platform
1.) As an INDIVIDUAL – click here
2.) For a BUSINESS. – click here

By ‘Posting’ a Job, you will help some Senior to have a better life.
The OPFH Team



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