Glossary of Terms on ‘OPFH’

Terms not commonly used in every day conversations in this context

Affiliate = A Person ’18’ [plus, who will work as an ‘Independent Contractor’ with ‘OPFH’ , earning money for sales activities in all sectors as authorized by ‘OPFH’ Corp.
JobProviders = A Person or Business offering work to Seniors for pay
OP- Social = Persons who are interested to find other like minded Seniors to interact on a ‘Social Level’.
Professionals = Qualified Individuals or Companies offering their ‘selected services’ in connection with Real Estate Transaction and other related matters.
ServiceProvider = A Person ’60’ or more, willing to work for anyone offering a Job for payment
OTHER TERMS applying especially to ‘OPFH’

Agreement; a written statement of fact of what is being agreed to between the JobProvider and the ServiceProvider. As to work to be performed and remunerations to be paid.

Benefits; Are everything in excess of actual hourly Pay-rate
Blog; A Short Story, an Opinion, a statement of facts – the Writer feels will be of interest to readers
Blogger; A person writing or transmitting the writings of others, felt to be of interest
Contact; a ServiceProvider or JobProvider contacting you by e-mail or Phone
Contract; An Agreement between 2 or more People for Products or Services for payment
Contractor; Person taking on work as a Contractor for occasional work, as per Contract
Employee; Person being Employed part or full time (3-hour minimum)
Employee vs. Contractor; An Employee may have Benefits in addition to Pay-Rate, a Contractor usually will not. A Contractor will make decisions based on their own priorities.
JobProvider (JP); A company or a person offering employment of any sort
Expertise; The work you have the most training in and are most qualified to perform
Fair Rate; An amount paid usually in the Industry for a category of work within an area
JobCall; Employers posting Jobs they need to have done and expect to be called by you
JobBoard; where Employers post jobs they want filled . For Members only!
JobOffer; Person or Company offering work you may want and qualify for
OPFH – OldProsForHire – abbreviated (‘Trademark’) Domains – .ca/ .net
OP-SOCIAL For Individuals who are looking to connect safely with like-minded individuals who like to socialize more, at levels within their comfort zone.
PayRate; An hourly rate paid for work done
Photo; A Picture of yourself or an object in question
Posting; is in reference to Postings your Real Estate for sale on ‘OPFH’ -RE. (Is commonly known as a ‘Listing’ in the professional Real Estate Industry)
Privacy; In order to function, we all must divulge certain information to others. By providing your e-mail & phone number only inside a successful Search by a JobProvider, we eliminate any direct contact or identification of your Person to anyone ‘just lookin’.
Profile; Is your personal Page, where you give details of your expertise, and how you can be contacted.
Reporting; Anyone who sees offensive content of any nature, is asked to report this so that we can immediately contact the offender, who must remove or modify the questionable content to our satisfaction, or be removed from the Website without ‘Refund’. Any decision made by the WebmasterTeam shall be final.
Savings; Calling on a (Service Provider) SP and paying a rate comparable to what the SP would receive working for a company, will save the consumer big. At the same time, a SP will be pleased to receive fair compensation for the work done. This creates a scenario where everyone wins.

Members; Only individuals who sign up for Membership with ‘OPFH’ and receive a unique membership ID.
Membership; Profiles may be rejected at the discretion of the Webmaster, whose decision shall be final.


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