I like to thank a number of individuals, who have given freely of their time to give me valuable feedback over the past 3 years. Nothing and no one is ever perfect, but with input from individuals with different backgrounds, a best balance can be achieved.
I like to recognize those who gave specific input ;
Jim Ripley for assisting in getting me acquainted with the rudiments of building a Website.
A special Thank You to Sandy Granbois for coming up with the most suitable Logo, inherently recognizing the accumulated wisdom Seniors possess.
My Son Michael Kuehn , for tirelessly spending hours and days with me, finding the best way to express what OPFH is all about.


My reason for coming out of retirement is the fact, that in BC alone we have nearly 1 million adults who are retired, either by their on wish, mostly by attrition. Canada wide nearly 9 million Seniors, most of whom do not have enough income without working for it, but lack the connecting point for finding employment.
The largest percentage of these, could improve their lives if given an opportunity to earn some extra income. They have a lifetime of Skills, most in more then one sector. On balance, we have a population, working often more than one job, who simply can not afford to pay the ever climbing hourly rates, charged today by service Businesses.
OPFH is the only Gateway at this time, which offers every Canadian Consumer and Businesses, an uncomplicated and quick way to occasional or long term help at affordable rates.
Helping Seniors to help themselves has to be a good investment and worthy of everyones support.




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